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"Fading Blood"

A performance by Akis Demos, based on Konstantinos Christomanos's "The Wax Doll"

Kallidromou 68, Exarchia, Athens​

Production: "Ohi pezoume"


"FADING BLOOD" is a performance by Akis Demos, based on Konstantinos Christomanos's "The Wax Doll". The performance took place in a damp basement resembling the house of "The Wax Doll". Among twelve performances, it was included in the transnational project " Through the spectacle : Italian - Greek hypermedia file to a network " under the Interreg III A Greece -Italy 2000-2006 , where the Ionian Islands Region is a partner .

Humans and ghosts live hidden together inside the damp labyrinthine basement under the rock of Strefis—hidden in the quiet of the rock, far from the sun's teeth and the voracious looks of passerbyers. Hidden, they tend to their gardens, their weddings, their beds. At night the playful moon outwits the blinds. It penetrates into the house and whips their cheeks. It soaks their hair. It reminds them that once they did not live in hiding.

Cast: Tzina Thliveri, Aggeliki Lemoni, Georgia Tsagaraki, Giorgis Tsabourakis
Direction: George Sachinis
Choreography: Irene Alexiou
Stage/Costumes: Giannis Skourletis
Music: Kostas Dalakouras
Lighting: Christina Thanassoula
Communication, Director's Assistant: Aris Asproulis
Stage Manager: Mary Logotheti

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