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Coffee, discussion and projection of the documentary Urbandig : Miss Omonia.

On January the 21th, we had the pleasure of meeting at one of Omonia’ s welcoming cafes (Satovriandou&Dorou str) to watch all together George Gounezos’ great documentary about UrbanDig Project. The documentary was broadcasted by public television (ERT1).

We invited friends, collaborators and the local community to share this moment and to present UrbanDig’s upcoming actions that would bring Omonia Project to completion, in June 2017. We received comments that sparked off fruitful discussions, new perceptions and new possible collaborations that gave boost and reshaped the suggested research and artistic actions.

Some words from the director George Gounezos :

Months ago, I participated in a research project of oral history with the title "Gerani speaks". Through a short documentary we represented the people that were involved professionally in the district of Gerani. Memories, landmarks and hidden aspects of Omonia were reflected by those interviews. From the conversations I came along someone who mentioned Dourgouti Project and the UrbanDig Project team. I was fascinated by their work and I was waiting for their next activity to get to know them. In the meantime, the Greek directors guild renewed my contract for the documentary series " Ες αύριον τα σπουδαία" with the channel ERT. It was a perfect match. My experience with the UrbanDig team was special , streets became places for interaction. The team is building meaningful relationships with people that they meet, and are interested about the community as a whole. I want to thank all of you, you are an inspiration. - George

{George Gounezos was born in Athens in 1989. He studied photography in T.E.I of Athens and he is a master undergraduate student in the program “Digital forms of art” at the University of Fine Arts . He lettered in his first documentary , which he directed, with the title “ Alive into the cement” at the Documentary Festival in Chalkida at 2014. He is a member at the Greek directors guild and he has worked as a director, as photographer director and as an editor}.

Watch the full length documentary (Greek language)

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