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Sketch Workshop for the app "The Village Omonia"

Sketch: Marina Mersiadou

UrbanDig project and the Dutch Company New Heroes invited young artists to participate in a free sketch workshop, between 21 and 23 of April. The workshop’s aim was to introduce the methodology behind the artistic digital application "The Village Omonia".

Anna Lioliou while pre-sketching. More about Anna here

During these days, 5 participants - the youngest from age 16- coming from different backgrounds, made the visual part of the app real!

Sketch: Asimina Kordatzi

The participants got to know more on the app, through walking around Omonia and listening to the special stories of the five “villagers”. And after 2 days of focused work, thanks to the amazing Asimina Kordatzi, Anna Lioliou, Viktor Melistas, Marina Mersiadou and Christina Mitselou, Omonia's heroes became almost tangible.

Victor Melistas in action. More about Victor here

The workshop was completed on the 25th of April, by successfully testing the first draft of the application. The first users were the participants of the workshop, as well students from Panteion University.

With the kind support of


Many thanx once more to "En Omonia" cafe and "Idrogeios" bookstore for their great support and hospitality.

Sketch: Christina Mitselou

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