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Wash your hair and meet "The Village Omonia"!

Konstantinos Karvouniaris in action!

We are proud to announce the launch of the digital app "The Village Omonia"!

After several months of reasearch and a fruitful collaboration with the Dutch Company New Heroes, commited Greek Artists and Omonia's hospitable people, "The Village Omonia" is here to suggest an alternative tour of Omonia, through the eyes of its people.

Get to know more, during the Prefestival events of Athens&Epidaurus Festival!

Meet Omonia's hospitality through the narration of the app and not only:

UrbanDig Project will be there to show hospitality by..washing your hair!

Konstantinos Karvouniaris (performer of UrbanDig Project), will be there, ready to take care of your hair, as an act of hospitality - less than a month before UrbanDig_Omonia's final Performance!

Where: At the Yard of Pireos 260

When: Thursday&Friaday 25&26/5, 18.00-21.00

Saturday&Sunday 27&28/5, 17.00-20.00

"Station Omonia", UrbanDig_Omonia's final performance will take place in the Athens&Epidaurus Festival, between 20-25 of June. Get ready to get lost in 6 different routes, inspired by Omonia's needs and dreams.

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