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Omonia Station | Ensconsed in the square - Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2017

A site-specific performance on and around the central square of Athens, a festive finale of UrbanDig_Omonia program inspired by its findings. Six people taking you around their Omonia, each on a different route, a different dream, but with the same immediate mission: To dig a hole in the center of the square. A coincidence of a common task each day brings together six people and the, divided in six, audience. The hole dug in the performances was where we planted a tree, as a resident wanted to turn it into a meeting spot of the community around it. The wall that divides the neighborhoods was painted with graffiti inspired by Adham, a Syrian boy who wants to fly to the moon.

Performers: Angeliki Dalangeli, Klimis Ebeoglou, Pauline Huguet, Constantine Karvouniaris, Emmanuela Korki, Katerina Protonotariou, Rob McNeill

Musicians: Victoria Tagouli, Christos Theodorou, Yiotis Paraskevaidis, Nikos Georgakopoulos, Theodosis Smyrnios

Direction: Giorgos Sachinis, Eirini Alexiou

Choreography: Eirini Alexiou

Dramaturgy: Katerina Konstantinakou, Anna Magoulioti, Giorgos Sachinis, Eirini Alexiou, Eirini Iliopoulou, Katerina Protonotariou in collaboration with the UrbanDig_Omonia research community

Songs written during the UrbanDig_Omonia activity "Trovadours" by Christos Theodorou / lyrics Christos Kanellopoulos inspired by oral histories of people of Omonia

Scenography - Costume Design: Anna Magoulioti

Lighting: Christina Thanassoula

Production Management: Nadia Siokou

Production Assistant: Dimitra Papourtzi

Photos: © Kiki Papadopoulou

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