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Presenting an idea for synergies in 2019 at the "Co-Museum" Conference

On 29 November, we participated in the international conference titled "The Co-Museum: Synergies, coalitions and partnerships between museums, cultural initiatives, civil society and beyond" at the Benaki Museum. It was a partnership between the Museum, the British Council, the US Embassy in Athens and Goethe-Institut Athens where we heard some useful and insipring examples of synergies. The example we offered was our newly designed UrbanDig for eight neighborhoods connected by the 24 km sub-terranean roman Hadrian aqueduct that crosses Athens. The title of the presentation was: "Imagine an Hadrian network of neighborhoods, from Menidi to Kolonaki". The warm response of the public encourages us to look for ways and synergies to make this work happen in 2019. We invite those who are interested to learn more about the idea to communicate with us. Our participation in the interesting "Co-Museum" included the co-facilitation of an organized dialogue on "cross-sectoral synergies". The main conclusion was that the challenges for such synergies are solved by opening the range of synergies even more.

Listen to the lecture by George Sachinis here

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