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Illumiate the Hadrian's Aqueduct

Apomechanes, the Summer Abroad Program of The University of Pennsylvania / Penn Design, and UrbanDig Project present a multimedia installation and performance at Dexameni Square in Lycabettus, Athens. The location is the endpoint of the 20km long subterranean Roman Hadrian's Aqueduct.

The event titled "Illuminate the Hadrian's Aqueduct" attempts a multi-sensory approach sheding light to the reservoir and the aqueduct.

The event focuses on Hadrian's Aqueduct as a hand made resilient infrastructure of the city that is still a resource of culture and water. The aim of the presentation is to highlight the anthropocentric dimension of its geometry and construction, as well as the social dimension of the aqueduct's use both as a resource (cultural and aquatic) and as a network of potential synergies along its entire length (Menidi - Kolonaki).

Modern virtual reality technologies and a human vs hologram dance duet create an "machine-driven" (apomechanes) acquaintance with Hadrian's aqueduct as a vein of inspiration for relationships and synergies between us.


Stuart Witzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Artistic partner:

UrbanDig Project





professors: Danielle Willems & Ezio Blasseti

students: Rebeca Sanchez, Katie Lanski, Baoqi Ji, Yiru Wang, Jay Greene, Veronica Rosado, Xin Zhong, Kalob Morris, Merrick Castillo, Hang Zhang, Hanning Liu, Xinyi Chen, Zhenqin Dong, Jingyi Zhou, Yu Qiao, Chenyang Yu, Sami Samawi

UrbanDig Project:

choreographer: Eirini Alexiou

Dancers: Antonis Strouzas & Eirini Alexiou

Dramaturgy: Panayota Pantazi and UrbanDig

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