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Sensory mapping walk of the city in English language course for refugees

Our team, along with refugees - students of English in the "Curing of the Limbo" program of the City of Athens, made a sensory mapping walk in Dourgouti Neighborhood of Athens. This historic refugee residential neighborhood has public space vast and quiet enough to host walks where all five senses can be "open".

During the sensory mapping walk, what facinated people was the existence of greenery and flowers (in public space, yards and balconies), the number of cats in the area, the historic tram carriage at Kasomouli Station. People noted the many garbage bins on the street and positively commented the fact there was a municipal clinic in the heart of the neighborhood.

These were a few of many new observations that were documented and can be added to the existing digital sensory map of the neighborhood. The walk helped us once again to "open" our senses to the city. We also shared impressions with people with a "fresh" look at Athens. We thank them for it. We thank the Athletic and Cultural Club "Pegasus" for hosting part of the event.

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