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Dramatized Workshops Designed!

Our vision is to create a Hadrian Neighborhood NETWORK. The first step in the creation of the NETWORK is implemented by the UrbanDig Project and lies in getting to know the neighborhoods through which the Aqueduct passes using a series of dramatized workshops to be held there. With the tools of art and information, the goal is to creatively engage communities and build partnerships both within their own boundaries as well as between each other, so that interaction can be achieved and common demands arise.

The Hadrian Aqueduct could potentially be the backbone of :

- a network of cultural actions that highlight or inspire the Hadrian as a MONUMENT

- a network of WATER pipes of general interest for the irrigation of the city

-a NETWORK of motley and seemingly unconnected neighborhoods of Athens that are located on the aqueduct axis.

Dramatized Workshops – PROGRAMME

Act one - Monument (30 minutes) The traveler guides us to the Hadrian Aqueduct from its inception to the point where we are, through a theatrical narrative of the route.

Act Two - Water (30 minutes) An experiential tour of the key features of the aqueduct's underground flow to where we are, through a special deep relaxation exercise suitable for everyone.

Featured guest presentations (20 minutes) International best practices on how to utilize Hadrian's Aqueduct Underground Monument and Water

Organized discussion on the local use of Hadrian as a monument and water resource (60 minutes)

Break - Light lunch

Act Three - Network (3 hours) Can the Adriatic Aqueduct connect the areas it runs as a shared identity? To discuss the matter, the traveler invites us to a board game - DEMOS The Game- using a 2 x 2m board map of the neighborhood the Hadrian network is running through (This game is a tried-and-true imaginative methodology for discussing motifs / actions on a subject, led by three actors. Developed by Katerina Protonatoriou in Leipzig under the CREATE - Create Cultural Change program by Robert Bosch Stiftung with Greeks, Syrians and German participants. The topic here focuses on the needs of the local community at the level of networking & synergies between young people)

Finale (10 minutes) The traveler closes the "workshop", revealing his own personal motivations in this Hadriam Aqueduct promotion campaign, and leading adolescent participants to think of reasons to make Hadrian their own and if ,based on the conclusions of the discussions in the above sections, it is worth meeting again in the near future in order to maintain and reinforce the concept of the NETWORK at a cultural and interpersonal level

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