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« Walkers on Water» begins

Bodossaki Foundation and Solidarity Now announced which Large, Medium and Small projects have secured funding by the programme Active Citizens Fund. «Ohi Pezoume» NPO and UrbanDig Project together with «Art of Hosting Athina» will implement the project «Walkers on Water. Methodology of translocal cooperation towards urban development driven by citizens’ active participation», within 14 months.

The objective of the project is to accept a challenge and conduct an experiment: to invite the SCOs and decision-makers to participate in the implementation of an original, inter-municipal methodological approach to urban development.

The methodology will be tested at an underground, Roman monument, of inter-municipal spatiality and of supra-local significance: the Hadrian Aqueduct. By creating a "community" of different actors and citizens around the aqueduct, the project seeks to bring together diverse civil groups, raising awareness on the importance of utilizing such an urban resource and urban development.

“Ohi Pezoume” NPO in collaboration with “AoHAthina” will facilitate and coordinate citizens, CSOs, and decision-making entities for the development of:

- a community with the aim of activating those actors around the Aqueduct, and the development of structured dialogue, and joint decision-making and management of the urban resource.

- a toolkit of innovative methods (performative, educational, embodied) to strengthen the stand of this community in the public debate

- political will for inter-municipal collaboration

- political culture that favors and integrates bottom-up decision-making processes in urban development

The project is going to provide "tools" in the hands of citizens, the CSOs and policy makers with a vision of equal cooperation as well as a sustainable and inclusive city.


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