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UrbanDig participates at Participatory Lab's conference!

On November 19-21 2021, the Conference of the Participatory Lab "Participatory Design: City, environment and climate change. Experiences, Challenges and Potentials" took place in Athens - and of course the UrbanDig Project could not be missing!

As noted at Participatory Lab's website "The scientific conference “Participatory Planning: City, Environment and Climate Change” attempts to initiate a dialog regarding societal access to decisions through the planning and policy-making process for space and environment.The objective of the conference is to transfer international and European knowledge and past experiences, to showcase initiatives and good practices both in terms of citizens, groups-movements and of local governments. To study theories and methodologies of participatory design. To present and discuss the institutional initiatives of recent years, to see how they are evaluated. To highlight international and local (Greek) good practices and actions."

In this context, on Saturday, November 20, under the theme "Art as a vehicle for public participation", the team presented its work in Omonia as a place of urban coexistence, artistic expression and participatory action.

This was followed by the section "Creating Partnerships at the local level: How to contribute to integrated and effective urban policies", where, among other things, the UIA program "Cultural HIDRANT" was presented by K. Gerolymatos and the Municipality of Halandri, in which we participate as a partner.

It is always our pleasure to be a part of such meetings, to share the results of our work and interract with individual, groups and organizations having similar thoughts and efforts.


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