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1st live-streaming presentation: UNBOXING

On Sunday the 7th of February, our first -out of 3- presentation of the digital platform took place!

Through a 45-min live-streaming, Katerina Protonotariou introduced us to the story behind the creation of the application, as also to its digital space. In parallel, George Sachinis vividly presented "where it all started": The life-stories of working people of Omonia (a central, yet neglected square of Athens) that became songs. Along with Christos Theodorou (composer of the songs) and the singer Victoria Tangouli, the three of them, with great passion and sensitivity, took us on an imaginary trip to the streets and galleries of Omonia and revealled to us meaningful encounters: The dance of an Omonian shop owner under the sounds of his personal song, big stories that gave shorter - regarding size, but not meaning- songs and the other way around, the performative walk outside the local traditional game store - were only a few moments that we remembered yesterday, full of emotions. That is why we still insist on "encounters" - even digital ones- under any circumstances.

While Rehearsing at the studio

You can get familiarized with the digital platform and listen to the songs of Omonia here.

In parallel, if:

-you would like to share with us a "life story" that you have collected in the form of an interview, you just have to upload the relevant material and the summary of the story in the form you will find in the platform.

-are a lyrics and/or song writer, you can navigate through the map, explore stories and surrender yourself to the inspiration! The lyrics, the music or the completed songs that will be created can be easily uploaded next to the summary of the story that inspired them. As time passes, we expect the formation of a map with more and more stories.

-are a user of the platform you can relax, navigate through the digital map and discover alternative spatial narrations, through stories and songs! You can "stroll around" with no particular plan, in a specific area or even do a thematic "walk" through several filters.

Troubadours Digital platform is a collaboration between UrbanDig Project and Alterative Tours of Athens and became possible due to the support of Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The 1st live streaming presentation was broadcasted by "Local Stage" studio, under the coordination of Maria Chatzigianni (m-word Web radio).

While rehearsing

2 more presentations are about to come - at 7/3 and 28/3. Stay tuned!


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