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Open Walking Tour and Discussion

An event on Jan 13, 2017 16:00-18:00 by UrbanDig_Omonia together with the Institute of Place Management (Manchester Metropolitan University) within the framework of Study Trip 2017.


16:00 Walking tour about "Omonia's market and the public space": A walk through the streets and galleries of the square based upon stories of people working in the shops and the relation between the market and the public space. We'll listen to songs composed by these stories.

17:00 Open discussion together with the Institute of Place Management: Which is the relation between the shop-owners and the public space? Which are the management processes regarding public space? How is the identity of a market being constructed? Examples from abroad.

The action will be evaluated through a collective mapping of the multiple identities of the square as they will emerge by the thw walking tour and the discussion.


Starting point: Ouzeri «o Haris», Lykourgou 14 (in the gallery)

Open discussion point: «En Omonia», Peiraios 4

Language: English (with translation)

Entrance: Free


Tour: Myrsini Antoniou, Katerina Protonotariou (singing).

Discussion coordination: Eirini Iliopoulou

Action evaluation: Anna Magoulioti, Eirini Iliopoulou

Photographs/video: George Gounezos

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