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Tent of Voice

The tent of silence as presented by Miss Omonia comes once again to the place that brought it to life. This time changed.

It is looking forward to hear the voice of the people that will go inside it.

It becomes the tent of voice.

It wants to listen to the stories of people, who expierience Omonia, as well as of those who decide not to experience it.

It creates a personal space surrounding within the urban environment, which comes to life only by the living stories that happened there.

It becomes the meeting point of the past and the present of Omonia square, which still tries to survive as a square.

You will easily recognise it from far away, as the power of voice is being reflected and glazing. It is full of light.

Today and tommorrow 15:00-18:00, and until every voice is been heard.

On the square.

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