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Hotel Transit : knitting a home out of stories of what makes home

Video Credits: Ari Malewitsch

After one year of fruitful collaboration between Ideas Factory (Sofia, Bulgaria) and UrbanDig Project (Athens, Greece), it’s about time for the results to be presented in a particular way.

They worked together in Tandem Europe, which is hosting its last meeting in Athens these days, in order to present the “products” of all collaborative partnerships within it.

People from Ideas Factory and from UrbanDig Project shared a common interest concerning the dynamics of different communities, that are under a literal or metaphorical state of transit, and at the same time appropriate and express themselves in public space.

They called the whole artistic project Hotel Transit, and focused their researches on the stories that are being “written” in the city, but remain hardly visible.

On Friday 27th of January, at 5pm, on Omonia Square, follow the sound of the trumpet, and let it lead you there, where the stories become voice, emerge from the foundations of the buildings, go out in the city and shimmer at light..

In the Tent of Voice*, which will be knitted out of stories of what makes home.

*the Tent of Voice will remain on Omonia Square to collect all its stories until the 10th of February.

Book your free ticket: 6983047848

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