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Video Dance Persephone


"Persephone" by UrbanDig Project and M-word web radio is premiering at the AVDP - International Dance Film Festival on Sunday April 30th, 17:15 at the Cinema space of the Athens Fine Art School. Persephone was inspired during UrbanDig's Dourgouti Island Hotel Project.

Choreography: Eirini Alexiou

Direction: Maria Chatzigianni, George Sachinis

Video: Maria Chatzigianni, Michail Euthimiou (M-word web radio)

Performers: Pauline Huguet, St. Alexander Choir: Charalambos Stergiopoulos, Dimitris Kouvaris, Dimitris Giatras, Georgios Arvanitis, Giorgy Berouasvili, Ioannis Sfakianos, Giorgos Diamantis. Music: Exomologisthe, Psalm 135 (composer: Panagiotis Georgiou) Site: Lagios Car Recycling, Aspropirgos

7th International Dance Film Festival (27-30/4):

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