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The Village Omonia app!

Do you want to walk in somone else's shoes?

5 heroes are waiting to guide you in Omonia, through their stories!

Experience an invisible side of Omonia, walk around the square, the metro station, the galleries and the market, accompanied by the voices of its people. Are you ready to watch and listen to the echo of the everyday life, written day by day?

Download the app "The Village Omonia", come to Omonia and live the experience of another side of the city... Let yourself become another inhabitant of The Village!

Live the experience and stay tuned for the upcoming bonus tour: A trip into music devoted to Omonia's shop owners (UrbanDig Omonia_Trobadours)

The Village Omonia is a collaborative project between the Dutch Company New Heroes and UrbanDig Project. The Greek side of the partnership was supported by John F. Costopoulos Foundation.

The idea of Company New Heroes for "an online platform exploring new ways of telling stories in public space by creating offline experiences", sees daylight by meeting Omonia! Amsterdam and other European cities are about to follow.

After many encounters between the Dutch and the Greek side, walks in Omonia, interviews, workshops, fruitful collaborations with local artists and lots of hours of working and discussing, The Village Omonia is finally here to introduce an invisible side of reality.


Main part

Directed by Bas Van Rijnsoever (Company New Heroes)

in collaboration with Katerina Protonotariou (UrbanDig Project) and UrbanDig Project's team.

Characters' voices: Irini Alexiou, Klimis Embeoglou, Irini Iliopoulou, Emmanouela Korki, Katerina Protonotariou, Giorgos Sachinis

Recordings: Studio AUX (Giotis Paraskevaidis)

Drawings by Asimina Kordatzi, Anna Lioliou, Viktor Malistas, Marina Mersiadou, Christina Mitselou, produced during a workshop run by the two companies.

Bonus part "Trobadours" (yet to be published)

Lyrics by Christos Kanellopoulos - based on interviews of local shop owners by Mirsini Antoniou and Giorgos Sachinis

Musical Composition and Orchestration: Christos Theodorou


Singing: Victoria Tangouli

Piano: Christos Theodorou

Guitar and acoustic bass: Giotis Paraskevaidis

Mpouzouki: Nikos Georgakopoulos

Recordings and mixing by Giotis Paraskevaidis, Studio AUX

Drawings by Nantia Siokou

Special thanks to The UrbanDig_Omonia research community for the great research and support, to "En Omonia" and "Idrogios" for being extremely hospitable and to the AD&PR Lab of Panteion University, under the guidance of Matina Magkou(UrbanDig Project).

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