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Pilot program for community engagement at Open Schools initiative

The cluster of residents, comprised at the 51st primary school of Vathi Square delivers to Ms. Maria Iliopoulou, Vice Mayor for the Child, the new program of activities

What is the program?

Open Schools is a program initiated by the Municipality of Athens, that commenced as a pilot in 2015 and still continues up to date, with success. The main goal of the specific program is for the schools to act as community and cultural centers with numerous activities, free of charge, addressed to the local population and are open to all.

UrbanDigs’ involvement with Open Schools program lasted 10 months (May 16 – February 17) and our mission was community immersion, as well as the programs diffusion and support in two neighborhoods. The design and the implementation of the specific program was a preliminary step in developing a methodology for an essential involvement of the public in the operation of the entire program, aiming at the reinforcement of its utility on a local level and its sustainability in time.