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Co-design lab on Storytelling that uses Video-Conference /Final participants' schedule

On May 29th-31st, UrbanDig Project is coordinating a three-day online co-design of storytelling shows via free-entry teleconference.

How can the art of storytelling take advantage of the interaction, self-direction and the varying degrees of privacy that teleconferencing provides in a show? Without the physical presence , what new "meeting" opportunities are there with the audience at the conference call?

With an open invitation until 20/5 we searched for narrators and live-artists to explore how performing arts can take advantage of the possibilities of teleconferencing and the interaction on the internet. We invited them to share experiences, ideas and techniques and to co-design 3 performances. By coordinating the workshop, we facilitate a group research process in an area that is of Οhi Pezoume / UrbanDig Project artistic interest from the start of the lock-down. Having already worked in the relationship between dance and the internet, we now bring speech to the fore.