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Art and Culture under Pressure- a DIGITAL PRACTITIONERS’ LAB

Dates: Three consecutive Thursdays 14th, 21st and 28th January 2021, 2-4 PM and 5-6.30 PM CET

For three consecutive Thursdays starting on the 14th of January, UrbanDig is co-organising a series of digital encounters under the theme Arts and Culture under Pressure.

Art and Culture under Pressure (ACUP) Practitioners’ Lab is a tailor-made digital meeting where the talks, peer-to-peer learning sessions and workshops are designed based on the participants’ interests and needs. Through sessions moderated and led by contributors from Albania, Lebanon, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, UAE, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Germany we aim to identify common points of ‘pressure’ in the arts/culture context, to explore the transformation of community, culture and city in circumstances of crisis, and we intend to find opportunities for collective action, and to explore possible resilience-oriented counteractions & tactics.

Art and Culture Under Pressure (ACUP) has been initiated in 2019 by organisations from Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, and MitOst. Last December we organised a Practitioners’ Lab in Zagreb with 20 participants from 15 countries. The meeting, implemented within the Bosch Alumni Network and organized by MitOst, tackled different aspects of autonomy of art and culture, resilience against political pressure that is specifically strong in certain countries.

The participants concluded the Lab with the joint intention to continue the conversation, the knowledge sharing and eventually the common work towards a shared goal.

Interested organisations and individuals can register for one or more sessions:

The detailed programme can be consulted here.


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