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Erasmus+ HADriAN: 4th Blended Mobility Event

The week between the 9th and 13th of November, the 4th Blended Mobility Event of Erasmus+ HADriAN took place digitally. Ohi Pezoume, the Dutch STIPO, the Italian CSC Danilo Dolci, the 12th Junior High School of Acharnes, the 1st Senior High School of Metamorfosi, the 8th Junior-Senior High School of Chalandri and DSEEA-Gr were again present to go a step further regarding HADriAN toolkit.

The meeting focused on reflecting on the program development process, refine the tool that started being designed in our previous meeting and co-design Tool #2 (the third tool of the toolkit so far).

After creating methodologies on the on-site exploration (Tool #1) and the co-creation of a playful digital tour (Tool #3) of the local waterline, Tool #2 is here to create a bridge between these 2 creative processes: Through guiding the teacher in coordinating and supporting participatory decision making on how to make use of the cultural & water resource.

Through this way, students become more active and familiar with participatory processes and have the opportunity to create a common narration and vision regarding the local waterline and their neighborhood.

Water-well of the Hadrian Aqueduct (photo: Vivian Doumpa)

We are really looking forward for the piloting phase - hoping that the day of outdoors participation and co-creation in an “open” city is not far away..


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