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Project Implementation & Key Project Activities

Project Implementation

In October 2021, 10 selected artists were announced for each residency of the consortium out of the 256 proposals submitted. The Sifnos challenge received 42 of these proposals. Following the evaluation of a Local Expert Group in collaboration with the international consortium, the names of Alexandros Vaitsos and Carlo Loperena of DECA Architecture stood out with a proposal entitled «Learning from Poulati».

The residency is organized by our company in collaboration with the Municipality of Sifnos and a network of experts, research cultural institutions and water-related organizations.

With the support of partners and experts, DECA Architecture will attempt to uncover the multifaceted relationship between Sifnos residents and water scarcity.

In interaction with the local community, their artistic process will focus on water as commons and will organize participatory mapping of undocumented water resources, exploring new or traditional techniques in order to reduce the water stress on the island.

Key Project Activities

Within the framework «Learning from Poulati» , our company and the architectural team of DECA Architecture will work in Sifnos with a wide range of stakeholders and experts to produce:

  • Data on the water supplies of the island that will enrich the existing knowledge and facilitate the possibility of creating a new rational water management plan for Sifnos island.

  • Digital three-dimensional maps using contemporary technological means that depict the network of cisterns, aqueducts and natural springs of the Poulati area of Sifnos.

  • Actions to engage with citizens (residents and visitors) in the collection of water data and the vision for a new way of sustainable water management in the islands and beyond.

  • A dynamic art installation in Sifnos by the Deca Architecture team as a result of their artistic residency and field research.

  • Digital information platform with data about the water supply of the island

  • Organisation of an educational programme for schools and local residents in cooperation with experts (STARTS Academy).

  • Networking activities with international and local organisations, local government representatives and experts in water and water resources management.

  • Public exhibition with the complete process and the final artistic work in Sifnos island.

  • Participation in the final international exhibition of all STARTS4Water projects with final results and all art installations of the international consortium in Rotterdam, Venice and Brussels.


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