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UNBOXING troubadours.gr

On Sunday, February 7 2021, at 19: 00-19:45 began the series of three live-stream shows titled "Unboxing Troubadours.gr" (7/2, 7/3, 28/3). Find out how you can collect interviews of people about the city and upload them to troubadours.gr in order to be turned into songs. Are you a lyricist or composer? Discover this new music map of the city and expand it!

The material and possibilities of troubadours.gr are demonstrated by Giorgos Sachinis and Katerina Protonotariou as part of a live musical presentation by Christos Theodorou and Victoria Tagouli of the 7 songs of Omonia Square already uploaded at troubadours.gr. The voices of the people of Omonia who inspired these songs in 2017 in the context of the action UrbanDig_Omonia are also be heard.

Troubadours.gr was just created by Alternative Tours of Athens and Ohi Pezoume Performing Arts / UrbanDig Project. Watch the video, created at Local Stage coordinated by Maria Chatzigianni of M-word web radio.

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