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Unboxing Troubadours #2 | Sunday 07/03, 7pm

Knock, knock

Time for a Troubadours walk!

The presentation of the Troubadours Digital app unfolds on Sunday, March 7 at 19:00 via the m-word web radio frequency (check the Facebook event here). During the live broadcast, Katerina Protonotariou and George Sachinis will guide us through the Troubadours’ digital platform and will present the collected interviews from the vivid neighborhood of Exarchia, talking with...rhymes!

Have you ever written a song or lyrics / music for Exarchia? You can send us your creation in a video - via WeTransfer at - until 4.3.2021 and we will try to include it in the live broadcast!

Would you like to participate in the live broadcast by sending lyrics inspired by our digital tour through Exarchia stories? Watch Unboxing Troubadours #2 here:

Become part of the sound-narration of the city, by visiting, where you can upload your own story about Athens or be inspired by the stories* already uploaded on the map and create your own song from and about Exarchia!

* Due to privacy restrictions, only the summaries of the interviews are available on the platform. In case you wish to access the full excerpt of an interview, please contact

** Troubadours Digital is implemented by Alternative Tours of Athens and Ohi Pezoume/ UrbanDig Project and is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


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