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UrbanDig meets Athens Biennale 5 to 6: Synapsis 1

Right after completing “Dourgouti Island Hotel Project” at the homonymous neighborhood - a quiet and at a slow pace place – we were challenged to explore Omonia square, one of the most central squares of Athens. Omonia square was the field of research for Athens Biennale 5 to 6. Accepting the invitation meant enthusiastically inhabiting a room in the historical “Bageion” Hotel, for several months.

To get started - into this new context – we felt the need to introduce our team by focusing on creating an atmosphere of meaningful contact and acquaintance both with Biennale’s visitors and Omonia as a place. This interaction was based on a central question: Does it make sense exploring Omonia (a place often perceived as transit) through research and action? We felt the need to start a conversation with the visitors, not only theoretically, in a sense of action as well. To make this happen, we placed Omonia’s map on the floor and created a 3d grid as an extension of this map. This grid served as a field for people to place their stories, impressions, images, feelings and expectations regarding Omonia – Athens’ zero point. While participating to the “Bageion community”, we met around 600 people from which around 150 co-created the final “mapping installation” of Omonia square.