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Omonia Square and Christmas fair

Photo: Maria Toultsa

Photo: Maria Toultsa

UrbanDig Project will do an stroll at Omonia Square, Athens' main square. We wish to obvserve the impact of the Christmas fair in this busy junction. The function of public space through uses of the sort. In which way does this activity influence the moving flows and our perception of the square?

Bas van Rijnsoever from the Dutch group “Company new Heroes” will accompany us at this walk. Company New Heroes and UrbanDig Project are currently collaborating to create an artistic digital activity on “the moving flows at Omonia Square”, in the context of UrbanDig Omonia. It is part of the preparation of the final performance at Omonia square, in the Summer of 2017.

Meeting: Thursday 5/1,Romantso, 3 Anaxagora str at 16.30

Contact: 6979748903

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