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Xouthou Street

An activity in an open and un-used municipal space close to Omonia, where Alternative Tours of Athens have harvested citizens' ideas for the use of the space. We turned it into a "field of dreams" for a fun day in July 31st, 2016. A collective action in the style of a pantomime game: What would the space feel like if it was a garden? a basketball court? toilets? We tried the 6 top suggestions of space use by the citizens. We tested them and evaluated them with the help of refugee families living next door. A contribution to the participatory design project and celebration day by Alternative Tours of Athens. A collaboration of UrbanDig Project & Ideas Factory within the TANDEM program supported by the European Cultural Foundation and MitOst A.V; Participants: children of refugees, beneficiaries of Caritas Hellas (Caritas Hellas), residents and shop owners, METASITU

An UrbanDig_Omonia event.

More about it on an article in /encateScholar:

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