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The consultation of the City of Athens for the new face and features that will house the renovated Municipal Market of Kypseli, included UrbanDig techniques through a collaboration with our group in two activities on 9 and 29 May 2015. Through an inter-active process that included artist workshops, installation and performance, more than 470 suggestions and ideas of the citizens of Athens were harvested, recorded and evaluated through techniques of UrbanDig Skill. Citizens with their ideas responded to three questions: How do you imagine the new face of the Market of Kypseli? Which actors, services and activities would you like to house? Do you find a function for you in this new face of the Market? These ideas were exposed to the public in June 2015 and used by the municipality in the composition of the open call for Market recovery proposals in June 2016. The group worked with Process Makers and Loukas Baratilas under the guidance of Maria Skordialos. The developer was in Athens, Mayoralty of Civil Society / Synathina.​

UrbanDig Participants:

Performers: George Sachinis, Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou

Visual Artists: Anna Magoulioti, Vasiliki Tsouti, Aggeliki Loi, Gerasimos Avlamis

VA Support: Ioanna Theodorou, Dionysis Giannibas

Data Management: George Sachinis

Photography: Eirini Vosgerau

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