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UrbanDig_Omonia as an example of urban public art

The UrbanDig_Omonia program was an example of Urban Public Art in the article by Elena Hamalidi, assistant professor of art history at the Ionian University. The article titled "Public (?) Art in the Urban Area. Some thoughts about the Greek example with emphasis on the city of Athens", are included in the book "Art-Space-Views of Development in Greece of the Crisis", edited by Argyros Loukakis and Dimitris Planzou, 2018.

Among the collectives and artistic groups that are active in Athens Hamalidis chooses our team and the UrbanDig_Omonia program, mentioning:

(...) UrbanDig Project, an artistic group, attempts to "return" something specific to the community, as a mediator bringing residents into contact with actors who could help to solve problems.

A recent example is the activities on Doros Street in Omonia and its commercial arcade, a small, sometimes busy street whose prosperous small market was overshadowed and lost after the erection of the supermarket. Members of the group composed musical performances, whose "librettos" were based on interviews with local salespeople. UrbanDig used these shows as alternative tours for universities and institutes, who could offer solutions for the revitalization of the area.

Thank you Mrs. Elena Hamalidi, assistant professor of art history at the Ionian University for your interest in our work. This release is available in all bookstores."

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