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Redefining Theatre Communities

We are honored to be contributors to the University of Chicago press book titled "Redefining Theatre Communities: International perspectives on community-conscious theatre-making" edited by Marco Galea and Szabolcs Musca. We contributed with a chapter co-written by George Sachinis and Dr. Zoe Zontou of Liverpool Hope University about our work with communities.

The book, whose cover photo depicts our work in Dourgouti Housing Neighborhood of Athens, explores the interplay between contemporary theatre and communities. It considers the aesthetic, social, and cultural aspects of community-conscious theatre-making. While doing so, the volume reflects on recent transformations in structural, textual, and theatrical conventions and traditions, and explores the changing modes of production and spectatorship in relation to theatre communities. The essays in this collection present an array of emerging perspectives on the politics, ethics, and practices of community representation on the contemporary international theatre landscape. An international, interdisciplinary collection featuring work by theatre scholars, theatre-makers, and artistic directors from across Europe and beyond, Redefining Theatre Communities will appeal to those interested in the diverse forms of socially engaged theatre and performance.

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