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Hadrian Neighborhood Network begins

Water is a generative element, a life carrier bringing dynamism and harmony at the same time. How can such a-unseen at first glance – flow unite every day life and create cultural awareness at seven so different neighborhoods of Attica?

The Hadrian Neighborhood NETWORK is a vision. It has been inspired by UrbanDig Project team’s desire to explore the structure and dynamics of Hadrian Aqueduct, an underground tunnel of 40 metres depth that extends from the foot of Mount Parnitha to Kolonaki Dexameni Square, in a total length of 24 km. Although it is completely abandoned as a source of water supply since the mid-20th century, water is still flowing in it 1900 years after its construction, however most of it is currently being poured into the sewers.

The vision of the NETWORK, therefore, aims primarily at connecting seven completely different Athenian neighborhoods (municipalities of Acharnai, Metamorfosi, Heraklion, Maroussi, Halandri, Psychico and Athens) which are found on aqueduct axis. At a time where personal relations are becoming more and more weak, an ancient monument could- under certain circumstances- empower people’s interaction and proximity. In order to achieve this, the NETWORK itself will focus on projecting the cultural heritage that comes to light through the Hadrian Aqueduct and the ways in which it invades everyday life. It will also elaborate on the role aqueadact’s water can play in the lives of residents, neighborhoods and culture. The first step in the creation of the NETWORK is implemented by the UrbanDig Project and lies in getting to know the neighborhoods through which the Aqueduct passes using a series of dramatized workshops to be held there. With the tools of art and information, the goal is to creatively engage communities and build partnerships both within their own boundaries as well as between each other, so that interaction can be achieved and common demands arise.

The Monument, the Water and finally the NETWORK of citizens interested in the aqueduct can make major changes to neighborhood life by developing communication between residents and creating active connections. So we invite you to help us realizing our vision: to be co-creators of a community in order to upgrade our urban landscape with the help of art and the power of cultural heritage.

On the UrbanDig Project’s site and specifically by following the link you can find everything concerning announcements and actions on the Hadrian Aqueduct and the Hadrian Neighborhood NETWORK. In addition, below you can watch the very first presentation of our vision entitled ‘’Imagine an Hadrian Neighborhood Network from Menidi to Kolonaki’’ that took place on 29/11/2018 at the Benaki Museum as part of the conference ‘’The Co- Museum: synergies, coalitions and partnerships between museums, cultural initiatives, civil society and beyond’’

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