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Participation of UrbanDig Project in the conference: HerMa HUB: Fostering Communities

Participation of UrbanDig Project in the conference: Communities in foreground: The experience of activating citizens through cultural heritage // HerMa HUB: Fostering Communities 6th and 7th December in Eleusina

For 2019, the interest of HerMa HUB focuses on the emergence of the notion of cultural heritage and the engagement of local communities through that cultural heritage concept. Starting from this strategy, the conference, in collaboration with Eleusina 2021 European Capital of Culture, will attempt to present innovative theories and practices on the activation of communities, emphasising on the importance that they do have for the preservation and the development of culture.

UrbanDig Project, with its participation in the conference, wants to share with the other participating groups the experience of artistic-community activation practices. Starting point will be UrbanDig Project's interest on the Hadrian Aqueduct, a hidden, unknown Roman Monument. UrbanDig Adrianio contains and implements tools derived from the UrbanDig Toolkits of Community Networking Engagement, that aim to increase the Cultural Heritage Awareness.

UrbanDig will talk about the importance of networking between the communities that live and move above the Hadrian Aqueduct, their connection with all the local stakeholders, the creation of a Toolkit of educational tools that will be developed in the Erasmus + Heritage Awareness DRiving Active Networks Program, will share the vision of the creation of a Hadrian Neighbourhoods Network, will talk about a runner that has been hiding in the underground Aqueduct, and will exchange ideas with groups that work on the field of urban/artistic/community actions.

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