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Erasmus+ HADriAN: 2nd Blended Mobility Event in Rotterdam

Photo: STIPO

During December 2019 (from 18/12 to 22/12), STIPO welcomed a part of HADriAN’s team in Rotterdam for the Second Blended Mobility Event. This second meeting’s goals were to co-design the first –out of four- tool, reflect on the program's development process, exchange knowledge and get to know the local heritage waterline.

The program included team-building processes and expectations’ listing, as also visits to the Delftshaven canal and on-site placemaking activities – a choice directly connected to the design of tool #1, as its main goal is to support on-site exploration and research of the local historic water resource by the class. Our main priority was to design this first tool – a process that has been successfully completed through the use of a 5-step methodology, as follows: Empathize_ Define_Ideate_Prototype and Test.

Photo: STIPO

Finally, after 5 days full of hard work, the variety of creative designing tools under the “5-steps” methodological umbrella and moments of joy and laughter brought to our hands the first tool’s prototype – ready to be tried by different schools in Athens, Palermo, Rotterdam and maybe other cities too!

We can’t wait!!

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