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Sensory Mapping Walk with FemMap Project

photo: M. Stefanitsi

FemMap Project invited us to facilitate a Sensory Mapping Activity on Saturday 15/2- and we gladly accepted!

FemMap Project wants to illuminate the feminine view of the city. Since February, they have been focusing on the area defined by America, Victoria and Kipseli’s Square and invite women that live/ work/ frequent here, no matter their age or origin, to recreate the map of the neighborhood from their perspective and express themselves.

In that vein, we joined them in order to introduce participants a playful way of exploring the city: We began our walk from the hospitable Victoria Square Project (also meeting point for FemMap) accompanied by a lively group consisted only of women. We walked in Tritis Septemvriou, Patision, Tenedou, Kiprou, Fokionos Negri and other streets guided by our senses and ended up sharing our thoughts and observations and having, indeed, a very interesting conversation.

It was a beautiful experience!

photo: M. Stefanitsi

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