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Open call: Co-design lab on Storytelling that uses Video-Conference

Photopraph from "Eurydice" digital live-art performance, photo: Maria Antoniou

On 29th-31st of May, UrbanDig Project facilitates a free-of-charge on-line three-day co-design lab for Storytelling that uses Video-Conference.

How can storytelling benefit and play with the interactivity, the self-staging, as well as the variety of privacy levels that video-conference can offer to a performance? In the absence of physical encounter, what other possibilities of encounters with the audience arise through video-conference?

The co-design lab brings together storytellers with live-artists (as they are often called) whose principle medium is the encounters they have with audience. It will give the chance to up to 20 participants to share practices and ideas and collaboratively design storytelling performances that benefit from the aforementioned characteristics of video-conference. It will conclude in an open presentation of these ideas or performances.

The presentations will be shared through this page and through the recently created social media page "Digital-Live-Art - UrbanDig Project" for exchange about live-performance in the digital era. The research workshop begins at the same day of the closure of "Eurydice", UrbanDig's current one-to-one 15mins video-conference live-art performance.

The workshop will happen on 29th-31st of May, Fri/Sat: 18:00-21:00 EET Sun: 11:00-14:00 EET.

We are looking for 20 active storytellers and live-artists who wish to explore new forms of storytelling that can benefit from what the medium of video-conference offers.

The workshop was selected to be supported by the Federation for European Storyteling ( and is co-funded by the EU under the Creative Europe program.Therefore, there will be a small financial support for the proposals that will arise.

Please send us an email of interest by May 20th at and we will get in contact with you by May 22nd. Please include a paragraph about who you are, the reasons you want to join this co-design lab and your expectations linked to your current practice.

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