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How can we build bridges between creativity and economy by buying either a glass of drink or an instrument accessory?

How can our personal purchases become a co-production contribution?

UrbanDig Project is part of the ArtApp Methodology and in collaboration with the four program partners Szimpla Kert, LATRA Innovation Lab, materahub and Spotlight , will look into applying the methodology in Athens.

ArtApp Methodology is bringing together artists and the business sector, valorizing the marketing value of art creating win-win situations and equal benefits without extra entry costs. ArtApp builds a platform for art projects and offers a loyalty program, which is a flexible, value-for-money marketing tool for businesses and can provide additional income for artists.

Art App stands between 3 actors - Artists, Businesses and Consumers.

How it works? Each end-user can support not only their favorite local business, but also help cultural organisations and artists to exist and provide valuable art works.

Let's build an art-friendly economy together!

ArtApp is supported by: European Union Creative Europe Culture program.

For more information click here.


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