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Erasmus + HADriAN: 6th Blended Mobility Event

On December 9 & 10, 2021, the international team of the Erasmus + HADriAN program finally met in person, after 2 years! The Italian organization CSC Danilo Dolci, hosted us in Palermo, together with the Dutch STIPO, the 12th High School of Acharnes, the 1st High School of Metamorfosi, the 8th High School of Chalandri and the DDE of Eastern Attica.- for our last Blended Mobility Event.

This time, we did not design a new tool - since our toolbox has already been completed - but, we happily worked on improving the manuals, the piloting plan of the rest of the tools, as well as ways of further community engagement and diffusion of the toolbox.

Of course, all of the above were not only discussed in "classical" ways, but, as usual, through playful and creative processes that included, among other things, theatrical elements.

We would like to warmly thank the CSC Danilo Dolci for their wonderful hospitality and we are looking forward to the next meeting: This time in Athens, where in June we will present the HADriAN toolbox to the local (live) and international (online) school community.

Stay tuned!


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