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Lyrics on the Walls: Online co-creation meetings for Exarcheia

Sabarbar project invites you to two online co-creation meetings for Exarcheia!

Wednesday 21.4 19.00-21.00

Friday 23.4 19.00-21.00

SabarBar project invites you to two virtual meetings aiming to co-create an interactive map of the Exarcheia. Using digital tools, we prepare for our inspirational exit to the public space when quarantine allows. We will use, among others, the interviews of people from Exarcheia, which were collected in the oral history workshops of the first cycle of the program. We are waiting for you to fill the neighborhood walls with lyrics!

It is suggested, without being obligatory, to participate in both workshops.

The meetings will be held in English and Greek and are addressed to people of all nationalities, with an interest in the neighborhood of Exarcheia. Meetings will take place via the zoom platform.

If you are interested, please fill out the participation form.

Deadline for applications: Monday 19 April

Having completed its first two circles of activities, SabarBar invites you to the third round of actions that includes, in addition to the two co-creation meetings, the theatrical workshops that will lead to the final performance. More info will be announced soon!


SaBarBar was created by Momina Algaga, Yaman Junaid, Fanis Katehos, Anna Magoulioti, Katerina Protonotariou, George Sachinis, Mohammad Tayeb and Vassia Valkanioti. A collaboration between UrbanDig Project and Fabrica Athens.

The action is part of the co-Athens implemented by the European pilot program of the Municipality of Athens Curing the Limbo. The program is co-financed by the ERDF under the UIA program.

For more information, please visit:

tel.: +30 6985069300


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