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Online event about the European Integrity Games project

Online event about the European Integrity Games project and our first escape game on blockchains

Friday 19 February - 13:00 CET

UrbanDig Project, together with La Transplanisphère (France), ExQuorum (Portugal), Ortzai Teatro (Spain), Teatro Rigodon (Italy) and Kulturinitiative Förderband (Germany), is part of a group of artists, that tries to

investigate what Integrity and Corruption mean, through playful practices of serious gaming.

On Friday we invite you to our first online event to play with us the Blockchain Escape Game!

The escape game on blockchains

You have just got your dream job in the Financial Intelligence Unit of Europe - specialising in crypto-currency. Due to the adoption of a new law on Bitcoin transactions, you have to be trained in detecting money laundering operations. For this training, you will be divided into 2 groups: - a group of "good guys" who represent the Financial Intelligence Unit - a group of "bad guys" who represent money launderers Your mission: either launder money through blockchains or catch the money launderers in time! Will you succeed in collaborating and solving the riddles? Will you be faster than the other group to complete your mission?

Don't hesitate, register to discover the worlds of integrity, blockchains, escape games and European projects!

More info about European Integrity Games here:


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