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Sabarbar Project: Digital Oral History Workshops

Result of the check-in exercise of the first session

The Digital Oral History Workshops for Exarcheia neighborhood have just been completed!

This was the first circle of activities of Sabarbar program - a program aiming at the creation of songs and theater in the street, based on stories for Exarcheia. The goal of this specific circle was to get familiar with oral history's methodology: collecting and processing oral testimonies. The workshop included four 1½ hour online meetings and the participants had to take at least one live or digital interview. It happened under the guidance of Tasoula Vervenioti - an historian with wide experience in Oral History- and, as a process, was facilitated by George Sachinis.

Participants were sent an extensive guide of the delivered methodology in English and Greek and were invited to learn more about the neighborhood through its people and present or past residents. Through this way, a rich archived material constituted of interviews emerged! This is also the material that will be used as a core for the next circle of Sabarbar creative workshops.

The workshop was free for all and took place in English, so that people of every nationality could participate. 43 people applied to the seminar - a fourth of whom were non-Greek, from Arabic countries and Europe. Due to high interest, the first meeting started with 37 participants (including Sabarbar group).

During one of the live interviews

Despite fears of being too much on the “fast track”, the quantity and quality of attendance and deliverables were comparable to successful live-seminars in Tasoula’s experience! Also the idea about the creation of a new Oral History Group for Exarcheia arose. Both Tasoula Vervenioti - whom we would like to deeply thank for the marvellous collaboration- and Sabarbar group are willing to support such an initiative.

We will soon announce our next activities. Stay tuned!

SaBarBar was jointly created by Momina Algaga, Yaman Junaid, Fanis Katehos, Anna Magoulioti, Katerina Protonotariou, George Sachinis, Mohammad Tayeb and Vassia Valkanioti.A collaboration between UrbanDig Project and Fabrica Athens.

The action is part of the co-Athens implemented by the European pilot program of the Municipality of Athens Curing the Limbo. The program is co-financed by the ERDF under the UIA program

More information for Sabarbar:

fb: Sabarbarproject

tel: +30 6985069300 (18.00-20.00 Friday-Monday)

@συνΑθηνά @ΔήμοςΑθηναίων @developAthens


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