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Leisure Time, 2018

The dance performance ANAVRA (Effervescence) is created by Ohi Pezoume / UrbanDig Project and powered by Onassis Stegi (November 2019). It is a pas de deux for the rivers that run underneath us. It is a dance in public space with music by Panagiotis Kokoras, inspired by Dourgouti Neighborhood of Athens, where Ilissos river is entombed under the concrete of its public space. Kokoras's music work "asphyxia" (suffocation) was performed by ArteFacts Ensemble as part of the program Music for a New World by Onassis Stegi. ANAVRA is dedicated to the entombed river beneath the burning asphalt. "Sure, as soon as you can dance, the fire becomes cool water, but until you get there, oh God! what a struggle, what an agony!" This phrase by novelist Nikos Kazantzakis becomes our line of approach to one of Dourgouti's arcades that resembles the cross-section of Ilissos river running underneath.

Dance Performance Credits

Conception/choreography: Irini Alexiou

Performers: Irini Alexiou - Antonis Stroutzas

Original Music Score: Panagiotis Kokkoras

Musicians (recorded):  ArteFacts Ensemble

Scenography - costumes: Anna Magoulioti

Production: Nadia Siokou

Communication / PR: Eleanna Georgiou

Photography/videography: Maria Toultsa 

Lighting: Christina Thanasoula

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