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The idea of the troubadour, as wandering composer, who sang the secrets of the neighbourhoods he passed through, inspired a project of turning oral testimonies about life in urban neighborhoods into songs.  


The idea started in 2016 when oral testimonies of shop-owners of Omonoia square inspired the creation of songs that were given back to them as a present and were performed in "Stasi Omonoia" site specific performance (Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 2017).   

In 2020 started saBarBar, a project of co-creation of songs, serenades and a theatrical street performance triggered by true stories, testimonies and narratives of residents of Exarcheia. An unmediated experience of sharing and open discussion in public space about the neighborhood. The action is part of the co-Athens implemented by the European pilot program of the Municipality of Athens "Curing the Limbo". The program is co-financed by the ERDF under the UIA program.

And the troubadours' journey does not end here. An online platform is created to form the meeting place of oral history groups and musicians. In, stories at different locations of the city wait to become music and create a music map around the streets. The platform is created by Ohi Pezoume Performing Arts Company and Alternative Tours of Athens and is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports supporting digital culture actions.

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