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UrbanDig Adrianio "excavates" the Hadrian Aqueduct, drawing inspiration from its triple status as an obscure cultural monument, an unused water vein, and an unseen underground route - an axis that connects many areas of the city with each other as "asynchronous" as Kolonaki (town center) and Menidi (agricultural outskirts).

These three aspects of Hadrian Aqueduct are the three main pillars around UrbanDig Adrianeio:

culture (monument) - environment (water) - society (community networking).

UrbanDig_Adrianio focuses on three areas of outcomes:

- Community engagement activities with a vision towards a Hadrianic Neighborhoods Network

- Artistic research and production with a vision towards artistic adoption/highlighting of the Hadrianic route

- Educational tools (through leading an Erasmus+ for secondary education), workshops and presentations focusing on the cross-section of its three pillars.

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