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World Environment Day Festival by Athens Water Company at Marathon Dam

"Battle of Marathon"

Marathon Dam, World Environment Day

4.5.6. June 2010

Battle of Marathon A.D. Two men fight with each other over a last bucket of drinking water.  When thirst and destruction from their war reaches a peak, one of them decides to climb the wall behind them.  When reaching the top he realizes that it’s a dam hiding a lake on the other side.  Ten ghost construction workers of the dam appear and start a vertical decent, carrying a long pipe that pours water from the lake to the burning war field at the bottom.

Direction:  Eirini Alexiou

Choreography: Eirini Alexiou

Performers: Rowan Thorpe ("vida" group), AntonisSrouzas, George Amiras ("MenoumeEllada" National TV), EuthimisTheodosis

PavlosTsiantos' team of climbers:  Giannis Konstantakakis, PanosAthanasiadis, Christos Paterakis, TasosMoutafis, Thomas Kitipis, Kostas Mougolas, GiorgosVoutiropoulos, Giannis Petromianos, IpokratisPalapanoglou, Stamatis Konstantakopoulos.

Costumes - scenography:  IoannaTsami, Dimitra Liakoura (asst.)

Music:  EuthimisTheodosis

Marathon Dam, World Environment Day

8.9.10. June 2012

A performance around a temple at the dam’s base (copy of “Athenian Treasury” of 490 BC). A man sees on the walls of this temple three ways of his dying: dying by forest fires, by soil erosion and by the melting of the glaciers. He resists these (video) projections of his future and decides to cover the walls that speak only of catastrophe, with 60 m. long array of spring plants, that he brings from the top of the dam.

Direction: Eirini Alexiou, George Sachinis

Choreographer: Eirini Alexiou

Performers: AntonisStrouzas, Pauline Huguet

Video: PavlosTsiantos, Dimitris Christopoulos

Lighting Design: Christina Thanassoula

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