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Based on the story "The Crimson Rose" by Platon Rodokanakis

Performed at locations where he lived or that related to his work: the Byzantine Museum of Athens (3-13/7), BIOS (16-22/7), the Isadora Duncan Centre for Dance Study (26-30/7), the Kastromina Theater, Chios (29-31/8), and the Benaki Museum Pireaus Building (20-23/9) 2008

Production: "Ohi Pezoume"

The theatrical performance seeks out the secret that for more than a century lay behind the story of "The Crimson Rose", and which inspired P. Yiannopoulos to commit suicide by entering the Skaramaga sea with his horse, Christomanos to go to courts over claims of plagiarism, and Lapathiotis to fall deeply in love. It is this same secret which led a journalist with the Acropolis newspaper—where he had started being published—to go down to the printing-presses with a hammer and destroy all the pieces that seemed to him irreverent. The performance-tribute to the deceased artist will transform into a story of love between a man and a fairy who springs up among the relics and exhibition pieces regarding the forgotten author.

Cast: Giannis Klinis, Irene Alexiou
Direction: George Sachinis
Choreography: Irene Alexiou
Stage/Costumes: Giannis Skourletis
Music: Kostas Dalakouras
Lighting: Demos Avdeliodis, Anna Boe
Communication, Dramaturgic Research: Aris Asproulis
Stage Manager: Mary Logotheti, George Skouras


Thematic lectures by scholars and researchers starting each day of performance: Chippings of the writer’s multi-faceted personality, excavated at the stations of our performance tour.

Byzantine Museum of Athens:  ‘The Byzantine Rodοκanakis’:  10lectures – 10days of performance, inaugurated by IoliKalavrezou, Professor of Byzantine Art, Harvard University “Rodokanakis’ Byzantium”. 

BIOS, urban culture exploration venue:‘The Modernist Rodοκanakis’: 6 lectures – 6 days of performance.

House of I. Duncan (friend of Rodokanakis) ‘The Creator Rodokanakis’:  5 lectures – 5 days of performance.

Chios Island (Open Theatre M. Thodorakis):  ‘Rodοκanakis the Chian”: 3 lectures – 3 days of performance.

Benaki Museum atrium:  ‘L’esthète artist Rodokanakis’:  4 lectures – 4 days of performance

Organizational committee:  Nikos Sarafianos, a scholar-writer, Maria Diamanti, a Benaki Museum scholar, Aris Asproulis (sociologist).

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