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For stakeholders interested in piloting our methodology on an existing group or community, we suggest DEMOS, a 9-day UrbanDig workshop on a specific theme. DEMOS [Decision Management Open System] is a dialogue process informed with artistic and gaming tools leading to a collective action as part of a “one-day festive workshop finalé also enriched by a site-specific performance of our artistic group.

Download the DEMOS extensive brochure here: 


... in the city:

  • in neighborhoods undergoing eld-research, urban de- velopment, place-making, community building

  • in tourist programs, o ering unique tours and events in the city

  • in research and educational programs, where social practices and contact with the city are sought

... at any large [>30] group of people | community requiring:

  • design and piloting of a participatory process

  • cross-sectoral synergies and cooperation between

    diverse parties

  • building, activation and testing of a group

  • social innovation

  • collective input or research

... in our art:

This methodology is used by Ohi Pezoume Performing Arts as part of the preparation and artistic production of site-spe- ci c performances aimed at festivals and other artistic organi- zations with an interest in developing audiences and partner- ships inside communities.

Our work is tailored to the needs of each site, group or community we visit and can last from 1 day [event, workshop] to years. Indicatively, in the case of working with neighbourhoods, a complete methodology [from team building to production of outcomes, tools, activities etc] with a noticeable impact would have the following characteristics:

  • Duration of the program: 9 months

  • Trips: 3-week trips of 3 people at a time + 1 final trip of 7

    people for 10 days

  • Other needs: 1 person working full time [or 2 part time]

    on our project for a total of 9 months in the area where it will be


For more information about services, take a look here

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