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"Trainspotting Korinth"

Production:  Diolkos for "Imagine the City - Corinth"

June 2013

At the old dock travelers wait years for the train. The dismembered wrecked wagons stand immobile before them. People and trains at a hault. The old station is a ghost of a station-master longing to signal. Eventually, the rails fill with life. And only by joining forces, audience and artists bring motion to the landscape. This performance is an UrbanDig Project in the old train station of Corinth, which, apart from stories of farewell and of earthquakes, hosts stories of explosions of wagons full of hostages during the Nazi occupation, as well as of refugees (1922) and immigrants (2013) who have used the station for shelter. It is an intense space, despite the silence and stillness of the wagons. How development projects in the region will manage its value, both as real estate and as cultural capital?  Our performance triggers the need for management of cultural heritage, for activation of neighborhoods and their inhabitants and for public ownership of local cultural wealth.  The performance was the result of local research (testimonies, texts, photographs) and was held on June 19, 2013 through the cooperation with 100 local artists volunteers. It was one of the actions of "Imagine program city: Corinth".


Artistic Direction: George Sahinis, Irene Alexiou of UrbanDig Project

Production: diolkos for "Imagine the City - Corinth"

Communication: Katerina Apostolopoulos

Participants: the Opus Femina, child KEPAP choir of the municipality Corinth, theatrical workshops Elena Marsidou, Panagiotis Lalezas Maria Christara Elena Stavropoulou Angelika Stavropoulou Joanna czar Dimitri Kafantaris Andreas Antoniou, John Papagiannopoulos Christina Tsarmpou Constantina Sakkelariou, George Panagiotopoulos, Kostas Paraschos

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