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UrbanDig_Ushakova is a research/ artistic/ community project at Strefi Hill, in Exarchia - Athens. The project is inspired by the life of Gabriella Ushakova, an emblematic sex-worker, who used to live and work in Exarchia until the 90's. «I have plenty of time», repeats Gabriella, suggesting a unique denial of the dichotomy between free time and work, towards the production of common time. The conception of common time lies in the heart of the project, while seeking its spatial expression. Strefi Hill is chosen as the terrain, where both space and time manifest certain discontinuities and cracks. Within these cracks UrbanDig_Ushakova explores and enhances the production of common time and space.


Project's actions include:

  • "Ascent Rehearsals": alternative visits to the top of the hill

  • the design of a performative board-game for collective decision making

  • participatory scenographic processes, approaching the neighbourhood's needs

  • site-specific performance @Strefi Hill (May - June 2018)

  • participation at Valetta 2018 - European Capital of Culture / AltoFest

  • performances at various public spaces in Athens (2018)

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