UrbanDig_Ushakova is a research/ artistic/ community project at Strefi Hill, in Exarchia - Athens. The project is inspired by the life of Gabriella Ushakova, an emblematic sex-worker, who used to live and work in Exarchia until the 90's. «I have plenty of time», repeats Gabriella, suggesting a unique denial of the dichotomy between free time and work, towards the production of common time. The conception of common time lies in the heart of the project, while seeking its spatial expression. Strefi Hill is chosen as the terrain, where both space and time manifest certain discontinuities and cracks. Within these cracks UrbanDig_Ushakova explores and enhances the production of common time and space.


Project's actions include:

  • "Ascent Rehearsals": alternative visits to the top of the hill

  • the design of a performative board-game for collective decision making

  • participatory scenographic processes, approaching the neighbourhood's needs

  • site-specific performance @Strefi Hill (May - June 2018)

  • participation at Valetta 2018 - European Capital of Culture / AltoFest

  • performances at various public spaces in Athens (2018)

April 4, 2019

What is DeMOS | The game?

DeMOS_The game is a site specific performative game by UrbanDig Project and Odysseas Velentzas that begun its journey in LABOURGAMES.

It intends to function as an alternative educational model to acquire and cultivate the “soft skills” of participation and collective decision making. Its main aim is to constitute a unique methodology for the investigation and the processing of issues that concern alread...

February 1, 2019

The experience from Altofest - Valetta 2018 at the neighborhoods of Malta, also shared by our company which participated in the festival, is presented at a movie by Giuseppe Valentino "On the dust island".   

Photographs of Valentina Quintano are here  / e-book


February 1, 2019

UrbanDig's Gabriella, a live-art dance piece by Eirini Alexiou that took part in "Valetta 2018_AltoFest" last year, is presented in the publication of Valetta 2018 titled DISPLACE ALTOFEST.  This book is the ‘precipitate’ of experience: that of the special edition of Altofest that usually takes place in Naples, held in Malta in April and May 2018.  



November 24, 2018

Urbandig project tried out the outcomes of an extensive, but very creative process: 

A performative game that intends to make collective reflecting and decision making, much more fun and effective!

Point of departure was Labour Game jam, while Art Games Game Jam followed - both organised by Goethe Institute Athens. We continued with several months of work and our first playtesting in a closed circle - and now it w...

October 11, 2018

Saturday, November 3, 12:00 – 14:00, Fanosthenous Street and at the nearby tavern, Vassilis Grill House, 11 Fanosthenous Street, Athens

Duration: 2 hours

In case of rain: Vassilis Grill House, 11 Fanosthenous Street

The event is inspired by the book “The Mission Box” by Aris Alexandrou, who lived in this area, in addition to a local youth initiative, to transform the Square and Fanosthenous Street into an educational space, for s...

October 11, 2018

Saturday October 27 16:00 – 18:00, “En Omonia” café at Pireos Street 4, arcade

The event is based on Pikros’s  story “As if we’ll become human beings” and is tied with a space where patrons of Omonia Square gather, a coffee shop , in one of the numerous surrounding  arcades. Songs about the heroes of the book, will instigate a game of quest for modern “heroes”, on Omonia Square, that could accompany them. The event commences an...

October 11, 2018

Saturday October 6 11:00 - 13:00

On Saturday, October 6th, we organized a children's workshop at Skaramagas Refugee Camp based on "The Crimson Rose" by Plato Rodokanakis and inspired by Oscar Wilds’ story "The Nightingale and the Rose". The latter was a favorite short story of the main character in Rodokanakis's book and the coast of Skaramagas was the site of Rodokanakis's final chapter. Employing physical theater techniques,...

October 11, 2018

Saturday October 13 14:00 – 18:30 at Exarchia. [public space outside the property of poet Napoleo Lapathiotis, corner of Kountouriotou and Oikonomou Streets]

Duration: 4 hours, interpolated by 10 minute individual appointments 

In case of rain: The event includes covered space

Twelve years ago, our inhabited the courtyard of the house of poet Napoleon Lapathiotis, presenting the performance “Heart n’ Bones: The life and work of p...

July 31, 2018

photo Irina Vosgerau

On Thursday 2/8 at 22:00 and Sunday 5/8 at 23:00 Attica TV is presenting our performance 'Gabriella's rock'.  It is presenting at the tv show "Attic-art" focusing on contemporary dance. 'Gabriella's rock' was the dance - music and theatrical performance at Strefi Hill Athens part of UrbanDig_Ushakova program of activities. The documentary on it is created by 'classic.cus' cinematic group.  Watch the...

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