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UrbanDig for Neighborhoods:

"Dourgouti Island Hotel Project"

A collective place mapping & making program finishing with a site-specific performance

Production: "Ohi Pezoume" & UrbanDig Project

Dourgouti, Neos Kosmos, Athens

August 2015 - Oct 2016

Dourgouti looks like a barren island near the center of Athens, which has its own history, society, urban planning, rhythm, color, quietness in relation to the surrounding noisy "coastline". The performing arts company "Ohi Pezoume" in the context of the UrbanDig platform, invites us to the Dourgouti Island Hotel, a show - exploration in a neighborhood of Athens with a special refugee, militant and immigrant history. A walking show in a neighborhood " in transit".

More than 40 performers, dancers, actors, musicians, live artists and visual artists from the region, Greece and abroad, divided into three hour journeys, met the spectators at the 25 stations of the routes created for the performance. In a few square meters and using the neighbourhoods stories of the past and present, we created short “trips” for small groups of spectators. An escape to the city, dedicated to the intense element of movement that the neighborhood has always had and still has.

The performance was the reason behind and the finishing act of the homonymous twelve-month program of collective cross-sectoral open mapping of the cultural wealth of the neighbourhood, through 90 days of open field activities with the cooperation of 67 groups-agencies and 450 residents and friends of the neighborhood, students, scientists, artists, researchers.

The Dourgouti Island Hotel performance, which took place from October 23 to November 1, 2015, coincided with the World Day of Street Arts and Free Expression in Public Space (26/10) and was dedicated to the neighborhood, which was a major contributor to the program.

It included the results of the Hotel Obscura Athens workshop that was implemented in the framework of the homonymous European cooperation between Greece, France, Austria and Australia.

Concept/dramaturgy: Giorgos Sachinis, Eirini Alexiou, Katerina Konstantinakou, Anna Magoulioti
Performers coaching: Giorgos Sachinis, Eirini Alexiou, Katerina Konstantinakou
Visual design: Anna Magoulioti
Research:  Dourgouti Island Hotel Project Cross-sectoral research teams, Dourgouti Oran History Group
Sound design: Dimitris Vergados
Production Management: Lefteris Kotsis, Eirini Georgalaki, Theodora Savva, Ioanna Theodorou
Educational collaboration for the children of the neighborhood: Dionysis Gianimbas
Photos: Irina Vosgerau
Video: M-word web radio
Graphics: Kostas Tsakalaki
Communication direction: Anthi Christou
Press office: Eleanna Georgiou
Social Media: Nina Thanasoula
Website: Rea Zekkou, Kostas Tsakalakis, Nina Thanasoula, Asty team, Dimitris Zacharakis

Bruno Freyssinet(FR), Katerina Kokkinos (ΑU), Pauline Huguet (UK), Rob McNeill (UK), Katrina Wolger (AT), Christos Ananiadis, Panagiotis Andronikidis, Marianna Varviani, Dimitris Vergados, Elias Vogiatzidakis, Nandi Gogoulou, Angeliki Dalaggeli, Dimosthenis Eleftheriadis, Tzina Thliveri,  Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou, Stefania Kalomoiri, Marianthi Karadima, Konstantinos Karvouniaris, Gogo Kartsana, Emannouela Korki, Napoleon Manatos, Tzanos Mazis, Dimitra Mitropoulou, Giannis Mitsos, Nansy Boukli, Myrto Naoum, Iosif Yevoudian, Agapi Duska, Vaggelis Papadakis, Roza Prodromou, Katerina Protonotariou,  Elena Stavropoulou, Vasilis Ziakas, Stefanos Katis, Katerina Chalkou, Lia Chamilothori, Anna Chanioti, Charis Chronopoulos, Dionysis Gianimbas, Eirini Iliopoulou και η and the Agios Alexandros choir of Palaio Faliro.

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