Τhe life and work of poet Napoleon Lapathiotis

By Christos Kanellopoulos and George Sachinis

Production: "ohi pezoume"
May - October 2006

HEART AND BONES, the life and work of poet Napoleon Lapathiotis. By Christos Kanellopoulos and George Sachinis Production: "ohi pezoume"
May - October 2006
In the courtyard of the abandoned building, once home to Napoleon Lapathiotis, a journey through time, and through the life and work of the "doomed" writer and the turbulent period in which he lived, begins to unfold. By way of a card-game with the audience, the main historical facts and the various works of the poet are delivered in an order entirely dependent on the random luck of the audience-players. Every production is therefore unique, except for a common starting-point (the lucky year of the poet's birth in 1988) and ending-point (the ill-fated year of 1994 in which he committed suicide). The game is a struggle of ascendance between the two pawn-players: Hanniba and Napoleon. Which of the two will reach the top of the old building's outside stairway first? Hanniba (a name which was almost used to baptise Lapathiotis), the incorrigible narcissist who takes exactly 28 minutes to climb up, or the unpredictable Napoleon, whose climb will depend on the card pulled by the audience members who have betted on him? Every stair represents a particular moment in the life of Napoleon, which we follow until the moment we must pull a new card from the deck, in this strange race between Napoleon and Hanniba, the poet Lapathiotis and time itself.


Cast: Tzina Thliveri, Pavlos Stathakis, Tassos Karahalios, Christos Kanellopoulos

Direction: George Sachinis
Choreography: Irene Alexiou
Stage/Costumes: Giannis Skourletis
Music: Kostas Dalakouras
Lighting: Christina Thanassoula
Communication: Aris Asproulis
Stage Manager: Mary Logotheti



April 5, 2008: “Wandering Art”, a symposium by Highlights magazine started its proceedings with an excerpt of our performance, at the house of the poet.